Ohio Miniature
Hereford Cattle

Robin Moshier
Pleasant Valley
755 Heifner Rd
Jamestown, OH 45335

Cell/Text:  (937) 503-4561

Professional Memberships:
1.  American Hereford Assoc.
2.  American Miniature Hereford Assoc. 
3.  Greene Cnty Cattleman’s Assoc.
4.  Ohio Cattleman’s Assoc.

Why Mini Herefords?

I purchased a neglected 26-acre farm in 2004, and after watching the bushes take over the pasture I tried to find a way to generate a little extra income that wouldn't require a lot of expensive farming equipment.  I purchased miniature Hereford cattle for their gentle temperament, hardiness, and feed efficiency.  They have been a lot of fun and have kept me off the couch and away from the potato chip bag! 

Call or visit sometime!
Robin Moshier, Owner/Operator
Pleasant Valley Farm

Photo:  Robin and Little Debbie (Age 7 months), Oct 2012



4094 Industry Rd, Rootstown, OH 44272
(330) 325-7030, (330) 357-9701

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