Ohio Miniature
Hereford Cattle

Kids like our Mini Moos!
We LOVE our Mini Moos!
Bottom line - See the difference?  

We have "Mini Moo's" - How about you??

Ohio Miniature Hereford Cattle
Pleasant Valley Farm 

Got a small farm?  You need miniature cows!!

Uncle Mike likes our Mini Moos!

Our Vision

To raise grass fed polled Miniature Hereford cattle that are 00 size, gentle natured, and can be sold as beef, breeding stock, or pets

Miniature Hereford Cattle:

  • More manageable
    • Small size and sweet nature
    • Lighter and less destructive on your pasture/fencing than commercial sized cattle 
  • More efficient to feed
    • 1 acre per head vs. 3 acres per head for commercial sized cattle
    • Have a high feed conversion, they eat less and produce less waste than commercial sized cattle
  • More beef production
    • More beef per square inch on their frame than commercial cattle
    • Are able to produce up to 40% more beef per year on the same amount of acreage
    • Cows mature at 600-800 pounds , Bulls/Steers mature at 800-1000 pounds 
    • Produce enough beef to feed a family of 4 for 6 months (which is about the length of time beef can be stored frozen)

Got a small farm?  You need miniature cows!!

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